Remembering Your Pet In A Special Way

Your dog or cat is just like a member of the family. In fact, many people treat their pets better than some members of the family. If you have recently lost a four legged member of your family, you can help to remember just how much your pet meant to you by looking into pet cremation urns. If you have young children, it is important to teach them how to say goodbye. Cremation is a very popular way for you to take care of your pet so that you can keep him with you in your home.

There are various dog cremation urns and cat cremation urns that will include a plaque about your pet and possibly even a photo or figurine on top. This way, you will be able to grieve in your own time and have the ability to stay close to your pet if you’re still not ready to say goodbye completely.

The photo pet cremation urns will allow you to remember your pet in a special way. Your dog or cat loved you just as much as you loved them, which is why many pet owners are considering pet urns instead of burial plots. The pet cremation urns are much more affordable than plots, too, so you will be able to consider your finances at the same time as taking care of your pet’s remains.

Pet urns for ashes come in many different sizes. You may choose to scatter some of the remains on a favorite pet walk or place that the two of you used to play. Then the rest will be stored in one of the many pet urns that are available so that you have a way of staying close to your family pet. The pet urns can be visually stunning so that you also have a beautiful piece to look at on a shelf or mantle.

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Deciding The Best Location For Your Cremation Urn

Life’s unpredictability sometimes leaves you with decisions to make on the spur of the moment. If one of those decisions includes where to place the cremation urn of a friend, pet, or loved one, then considering the personality and preferences of the lost loved one sometimes makes it easier to decide.

There are several locations that you can choose to place burial urns. Knowing the wishes of the person can be a great help, but many times we are left to choose a proper place without any input. If you decide the location of a cremation urn, it will be a determining factor of it’s cost. Whether you plan to place the funeral urn indoors or outdoors will help determine what kind of urn you purchase.

In choosing a location, you might consider whether your friend or loved one enjoyed the outdoors. If the person loved gardening, you may want to plan a beautiful, serene garden area decorated with ferns, trees, or blooming flowers. A bench and a bird bath might be a peaceful addition to the spot.

If the cremation urn holds the remains of a beloved pet, consider whether the pet loved the great outdoors, or enjoyed snuggling by the fireplace inside. Place the pet cremation urn where your pet would choose to be, and where you will always feel close to him.

If your lost friend or loved one enjoyed crafts, surrounding the cremation urn with some of their own crafts. Arranging a shelf with pictures or favorite items of the loved one can bring happy memories to mind.

Your loved one may have had a favorite place or cemetery to bury the cremation urn. Based on the preferences and personality of your loved one, choosing the right location will give you a sense of serenity, knowing that your location choice is one they probably would have also made.

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Finally, Cremation Urns for Baseball Fans

Boston Red Sox Cremation Urn

Boston Red Sox Cremation Urn

For years folks have been asking “Do you have a New York Yankees cremation urn? Do you have Red Sox cremation urn? Do you have a Chicago Cubs cremation urn?” and for years the answer was no.

We’re proud to announce that we finally have Major League Baseball officially licensed cremation urns. Our baseball cremation urns are made of die-cast aluminum and sits perfect atop a home plate-shaped base outlined. Each MLB baseball cremation urn features clear baseball display dome to place the deceased favorite ball. The urn is shipped to our customers with a baseball in the dome but can be replaced by your own. A singed ball from a favorite player or logo ball from the team shop is a nice touch.

Major League Baseball Cremation Urns

Major League Baseball Cremation Urns

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Do I need to buy a vault for the cremation urn?

burial vault for cremation urn

burial vault for cremation urn

We get this question almost daily. To answer the question let’s assume the ashes and the urn will be interred (buried in a cemetery or memorial garden). We need to find where you and your family fall on the “urn/ashes protection spectrum”. On one side of the spectrum we’ll have folks who want to be darn sure the urn and ashes are not touched by “Mother Nature” (i.e. ground water, soil, weight of the earth) at all and for generations and generations. They’ll want the urn and ashes to remain as pristine as they were when they were interred into the ground. On the other side of the spectrum there will be folks who are more “ashes to ashes” minded and are ok with Mother Nature eventually taking over (i.e. breaking down the urn, urn may be crushed or take on water). So if you don’t mind the urn breaking down over time, and if your cemetery doesn’t require a vault, then you don’t need to buy one.

If you don’t want the urn and ashes to be compromised by Mother Nature – then yes, you need to buy a vault to put the urn in and the vault will protect the urn and ashes. A typical urn whether metal, wood, plastic etc is not designed to protect ashes interred in the ground. They just aren’t strong enough and will break or break down over time. There is one exception, the Mackenzie Urn Vault. It is an urn and a vault in one (crush proof to 5,000 lbs and water tight). The Mackenzie Classic is a great choice to protect ashes and not dealing with buying two items. This does the job of an urn and a vault…and they are very, very nice urns.

Burial vaults for cremation urns have a spectrum of their own. Most all will get the job done and protect the urn for generations. Prices range from about $125 to $450 for vault that will protect the urn and ashes from water or being crushed by the earth. These are made of dense plastics, cultured marble (man made marble like kitchen counter tops) poly-resins, steel or a combination of all the materials. They are generally classified as economy urn vaults since they don’t cost an arm and a leg. You do get what you pay for. A $400 vault will generally be stronger and last longer than a $125 vault.

The other end of the burial vault spectrum you’ll find cast concrete vaults. They are usually $850 and up, way up. These can be lined (inside or outside) with copper, stainless steel, bronze, thermo-plastics, etc. Wilber Vaults is probably the most recognizable name around. They have distributors all over the US so their vaults aren’t hard to find. We don’t sell them because they are WAY to heavy to ship. They are actually made locally…no matter where you are they will have a facility that makes them close by.

Your cemetery may require a vault. They do this for 2 reasons. 1. So that the urn doesn’t crush over time and create a sink hole at the surface and 2. To make some money. A cemetery is a property owner and with that comes rights. They can determine what goes in the ground and how. They may require a vault and you may be able to provide your own (from us or another third party) but they also have the right to insist you use theirs. To save some money, ask what brand and model they require and shop around to see if you can find the same vault for less…you usually can.

Some urns will last a long, long time in the ground…but without the aid of a vault, all will succumb to Mother Nature eventually. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That’s up to you and your family.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us and use us as a resource.

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Selling Burial Plots Mean Changing Your “Final Plans”

cemetery plots

cemetery plots

We’ve commented and blogged before about the economy’s affects on peoples funeral plans. Folks young and old are trying to save wherever possible and sometimes that means making changes to their “final plans”. Many people own cemetery plots and with pre-need arrangements many people pay for their plots over time with payment plans. What happens when you can’t make the payment on your plot? Well, you can sell it back to the cemetery; sell it to someone else directly or sell it through a 3rd party website like, or

Here’s a video news article from CBS13 in Sacramento, CA – Economy Leads to Burial Plot Selloffs

Selling your plot means you’ll need to make alternative plans. Cremation is the most obvious choice (although many cremation urns are buried in plots). Instead of a ground burial, ashes in a cremation urn can be placed in a columbarium, church niche or kept at home. Other alternatives might be a green burial or scattering ashes in a sentimental location like the ocean, lake, and stream or even in the air from a plane.

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Tough Economy – More People Choosing Cremation

bronze cremation urns

bronze cremation urns

The economy is even affecting the funeral industry. Cremation rates have grown steadily for 100+ years and now cremation rates are growing even faster because of the downward economy. The cost savings of cremation when compared to a traditional funeral is significant.

Here’s a news video from CBS11 in Dallas For Worth – Tough Economy Has More People Choosing Cremation

The heavily Catholic Hispanic community didn’t have a choice about cremation until recently. The Catholic Church until 1997 forbade cremation. Not everyone knows that it is now permitted by the Catholic Church…well kind of…there’s some fine print. They allow cremation but the ashes must be placed in an urn or vault. They don’t allow ashes to be scattered in the ocean, a park, river, etc. “Cremated remains are to be treated with the same respect given to the remains of a human body, and should be buried or entombed. The scattering of cremated remains on the sea or on the ground, or keeping them in the home, is not the reverent final disposition that the Church requires. (Order of Christian Funerals, Appendix, #417) (Amended 2-8-99)

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About Us

We started our mission online in 2003 and it has always been to provide the easiest and most economical way for families to buy cremation urns, memorials and pet urns on the web. We specialize in the personalization of cremation urns (making a generic urn unique with engraving, appliqués and natural materials) and offering the most extensive, unique and price conscious offering of urns around.

We think the Internet ought to be used to help save families money and provide a private, in-home, convenient shopping experience. We are making a personal commitment to every customer that will be the best source for your cremation urn needs and treat your order like it was for someone in our own family.

With 15,000+ satisfied customers and an unlimited supply of cremation urns and funeral related products, is one of the largest online sources for cremation urns, burial urns, pet urns and funeral products.

As always, please use us as a resource – web, phone, email, chat – if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding cremation or cremation related memorials.


Michael Madore
President – Mainely Urns, Inc.

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Mainely Urns, Inc. – Our blogging intentions

urns and memorials

urns and memorials

Our intentions are pure. Over the past 6 years Mainely Urns and Sunset Memorials have provided cremation urns burial vaults and funeral memorials to over 12,000 families. In the process we’ve learned a lot about the our customer’s needs and want and are have a pretty keen ability to provide families with what they are imagining in their head or looking for. We are not a funeral home so we don’t have preconceived notions about what a cremation urn or memorial has to be. Yes, we know the business very well and can provide you with a traditional cremation urn or funeral memorial but in dealing with 12,000 families, well, in short…we’ve done a lot of creative things.

Our goal through this blog is to share with you the creative and unique people and pet memorials we’ve provided over the years and also to provide relevant information about the whole funeral process. Many of us have not had to face these difficult times associated with losing a loved one but if you’ve found your way to our blog then perhaps you have. Our sincere condolences. It’s our mission to through this blog and our memorial websites to provide you with some creative ideas, insight and direction. Our phones are on, our email is open so if you have questions, comments or concerns about a memorial for a loved one please contact us and use us as a resource.

Warm regards,

Michael Madore
President – Mainely Urns, Inc.

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